I thought I would be miserable in the college dorm rooms

I actually thought I would suffer in college when I chose to live in the dorms.

Well, I was wrong about that.

I learned that they just had a new UV air purification system installed and the HVAC system was upgraded. They always had great temperature control settings and I was comfortable all the time. My brother who went to college before me told me about all the horror stories when it came to having bad air quality and poor temperature control settings. He said I better have an air purifier along with a portable HVAC unit because I was going to need those things for my comfort. He said he would be sweating profusely in the midst of the night while trying to study for an exam and things like that. Well, I never had any similar issues even though I did have an air purifier. The good news was that I never had to use the thing though with that UV air purification system always working. I also learned about UV light and how it works all the time to kill dangerous pathogens. The whole time when I was in college, I only got sick once and I never had any complaints about the temperature control settings. There was just one time when the power went out for a little while, but fortunately that only happened one time. It wasn’t a hot day or anything so I didn’t notice too much of a difference without the A/C system working. My college experience was good overall and I have also recommended the college I went to to some of my friends.


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