I wanted to get vinyl lettering on the back of my new truck

Advertising is a very important part of business.

There are lots of ways to advertise.

Some people advertise online using websites, search engines, or pay-per-click advertising. Some people advertise in newspapers and magazines. There are also some people that advertise on their vehicles. Vehicle advertising can be very effective, especially when you display your company name and phone number clearly on your vehicle. Vinyl lettering can stand out and look great on any make or model. The colors can be tailored to stand out against the colors of your vehicle. Vinyl lettering can be placed on any part of a vehicle. I wanted to get vinyl lettering on the back of my new truck. I knew I was going to use the truck for the business and putting the vinyl lettering on the back meant that I could claim the entire vehicle and the insurance as a standard business deduction. I went to a custom vinyl shop and discussed the project with the manager of the shop. The guy gave me some details and different options. Because I have a white truck, I chose a dark green lettering. I didn’t want to go with black, because it feels plain and boring. I felt good about the Pine Green lettering color, especially after I saw the vinyl lettering on the car. When the products came into the shop, they called me and set up an appointment to have the vinyl installed. It only took a couple of hours for the guys to set everything up and finish. When I left the custom vinyl shop, the advertising on the back of my truck was easy to see.



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