I was posting everywhere!

Last week, I put all kinds of messages onto facebook, twitter, and even 1 of those photo sites.

I did a video for YouTube and our teenage daughter put myself and others on a couple other websites I had never heard of.

Unluckily from there I didn’t get a single text from anyone. I was annoyed, even though I knew I just wanted to keep putting out our information. I went back to facebook, and I started putting full writings that told about our supplier and where I was situated. Still I didn’t get any clicks on our website or on our text. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I was completing online marketing, and I was sure I was doing well. I thought maybe I should be putting the paid ads up more often. I was now creating a modern tweet every couple of hours at that point. I was also putting out different ads on facebook. I asked our daughter to please help myself and others repeat our ads every so often on her types of websites. I was whining about not getting any supplier for our Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I told her I was doing online marketing through facebook and twitter, even though I clearly hadn’t had any responses. She told myself and others that was strenuous to do since most ads needed to be paid for and they could be high-priced. I had no idea what on earth she was talking about, so I asked. When she was finished explaining about how to go through and take out facebook ads and how to put tploy ads on twitter and other sites, I felt dumb. All the time I spent doing our own online marketing was not even really online marketing.



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