I was thrilled to find out about the heat pump.

Right after we got married, my husband and I started looking for a home. We wanted a house that would be big enough to raise a family in and a HVAC system that didn’t need repair even before we signed the deed. We had a list of houses we wanted to look at, and we called a realtor to show them to us. It seemed that every house we looked at, either had an ancient furnace, or air conditioning, or both needed to be repaired. We were about to change the way we were going about house hunting. Then our realtor called and told us she thought she had found the perfect house. We went to see the house, albeit a bit reluctantly. The first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t an air conditioning unit outside the house. When we went into the basement, I didn’t see a furnace. This was a bit concerning, but I kept my hopes up that it wasn’t a bad sign. When we asked the realtor about the HVAC system, she told us that it was a heat pump. The heat pump was able to give both heating and air conditioning. The efficiency of the heat pump was better than nearly every other HVAC system on the market. She said it was efficient in heating, air conditioning, and energy use. I waited for her to tell us something bad about the heat pump. Instead, she told us that it had only been installed the previous year. Both my husband and I knew we had found the home we had been looking for.

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