Important to baby the heater

There is nothing worse than waking up to an icy cold home in the middle of the blizzard just to find out that the heat is out.

What I do is I try to avoid having to live through that experience.

How I fix this is by babying my HVAC system. Every fall season I call the local HVAC dealership up and get a heating tune up. Getting the service in fall is smart. You don’t have to wait for an appointment time. Winter is busy where everyone is thinking about heat. The prices are jacked up and you most likely go on a waiting list. A few HVAC companies even give off some fall service deals if you call early enough. I have gotten a furnace service appointment and free ductwork cleaning because I was on top of it. I get the heater serviced early, the ducts cleaned and all the inner working oiled. I don’t wait around to hear noises, smell odors or for the heater to turn off. Never letting the heater get to this point ensures my bills are lowered. I also never have to pay for big heater repairs. Getting a small repair taken care of early is smart. It doesn’t morph into something scary and it doesn leave the homeowner sacrificing comfort with inferior heating. A little money upfront saves a lot down the road. Don’t take too long when calling about your heater. Get it done early and kick back this cold season.

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