Is this thing lighting?

Are you experiencing problems with your oil furnace these days? Did it abruptly stop now working when you turned it on, plus your household circuit breaker turned on? You may be having ignitor problems.

Newer gas furnace models come equipped with electric igniters that light oil gas furnaces plus turn your provided fuel into heat, becoming your home’s heat source. Your ignitor’s main position is to rapidly create sparks to light the burner, which opens up the gas valve to commence a contained combustion process that ultimately generates your home’s heat. A malfunctioned ignitor therefore makes it difficult for your oil furnace to turn on. To be sure that your problems actually arise from a terrible ignitor, you shall need to test it by following a few simple steps. First, try to inspect your oil furnace for any visual destructions plus test the circuit. Ensure the entire Heating and Air Conditioning plan is set at room temperature. After that, use the associated temperature control to turn it off. Locate your oil furnace’s circuit breaker in the same main breaker box of your new home or on the oil furnace, plus switch it off. Turning off the household circuit breaker helps cool off your oil furnace to room temperature. After your entire oil furnace cools down to room temperature, unscrew plus take out the repair panel which is located on the side of your oil furnace to find the ignitor. Look out for any destruction that would cause the ignitor to fail plus need a updatement. However, if there are no visible destructions, use pliers to detach the ignitor wires from their necessary socket inside your oil furnace plus test it for resistance using a multimeter set.

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