It broke and it cost me a bunch

Having a heat pump for my heating had been one of the best investments I ever made… Ever since I had my geo thermal heat pump, my energy bills had been honestly low compared to what they used to be, the investment I made in the heat pump had nearly paid for itself! This was until my heat pump undoubtedly broke down. Then I had to call the local heating and air conditioner contractor to have them schedule a certified heating and air conditioner specialist to come out to my home to fox the broken down heat pump. The cost of repairing a heat pump is not as low as trying to repair a central or even commercial heating and air conditioner unit! The cost of heat pump repair in my section is even more extravagant than you could imagine! The kind of money I had to put out just to be able to have my heat pump repaired was such a hit to my bank account, that I almost had to take out a loan to pay it all off! This was how terrible my heat pump was broken down, then it had something to do with the weather from what the certified heating and air conditioner specialist told me. I did not ask too more than 2 questions and undoubtedly did not understand half of the deep Heating and A/C talk he was feeding me… So I just nodded my head and acted care about I understood what he was getting at. I definitely hope my geo thermal heat pump does not break down again anytime soon!



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