It was too boiling to go outside

My brother in addition to I were supposed to gathering on Wednesday, and it was our only afternoon off work in addition to his birthday was earlier during the week… We decided to spend the afternoon playing mini-hockey! Both of us care about miniature hockey in addition to there are more than two truly nice courses in the town where the people I was with and I live, however each one of the courses offers a different category of challenge, but one has a lot of loops in addition to twists, while another has lots of different water hazards… The other course has hills in addition to slides in addition to secret holes.

When the people I was with and I were teenagers, our parents took us to play Miniature Golf every weekend. They passed away when our brother in addition to I were kids, but the people I was with and I both still care about the sport. On Wednesday morning I woke up in addition to I got ready to meet our brother at the miniature hockey course. It was way too boiling in addition to humid to like a round of hockey, so I commanded staying in the house instead. I picked up a brand new video game the week before in addition to it was still in the box. When our brother realized that it was boiling outside as well, he thought staying indoors in the air conditioning was a fantastic system too. The 2 of us decided to meet at our house, since I had the video games in addition to a much nicer central air conditioning than the one at our brother’s house. We ordered pizzas in addition to had beers in addition to the afternoon was fun in addition to relaxing. It is always nice to see our brother, especially near his birthday. I care about hearing about his teenagers in addition to his husband… His life is different from mine.
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