Living on campus would have been better with new air conditioners

I stayed in a dorm room during our first numerous years of university! It wasn’t our first choice, however it was surprisingly much more affordable compared to the brand modern apartments surrounding the campus in the city.

I enjoyed living in the campus dorms because it was straight-forward to get involved on campus.

I got a job at the local Borders, so it was straight-forward to walk over there 10 minutes or so before our shift. I even got along with our two other roommates well! The most difficult aspect of living in the dorm had to be the low quality a/c; the prices of the dorm were great, however at what expense if I had to live in a dutch oven half of the time? The housing department constantly sent out SMS stating that they would have heating and A/C professionals coming in to check our A/C units, however it entirely even didn’t help. I believe the entire heating and A/C system was old, in addition to the school being too cheap to replace it; some say that if they increased the price of the dorm rooms to pay for modern a/cs, all the people wouldn’t be able to afford it… But man would I kill for some cold air during the summertime months! We always kept a dehumidifier running because the a/c had bad zone control, so there were numerous spots in the room that were overheated in addition to muggy, and fortunately, our bed was in a cold spot, however it entirely didn’t help that much… Even though the cost of the dorm would have been a bit higher, I feel having higher quality air in a room where numerous people resided would have led to a better dorm experience, in addition to not to mention a healthier one too.

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