Look what my success has brought me

I have been successful over the years and I am truly blessed. I decided to start up my own HVAC company and things just took off. Well, these days, I have a custom built home with very nice features. One thing that I just love is the entertaining room. We have it set up with two fireplaces and in between those fireplaces is a stage where we have live performances all the time! Honestly, there is nothing better than enjoying live music in your home with family and friends. The house is very large and we have plenty of parking to accommodate all of our guests. We have a nice pool in the back and we even have a solid pool heating system that works with solar panels. And of course, since I do own a successful HVAC company, I had to equip my home with some of the best HVAC technology around. We have radiant heated floors throughout the house which provides extremely cozy temperature control settings. I also love the fact that our radiant heated floors are so energy efficient. We also have HVAC zone control so you can have customized temperature control settings in each zone of the house. I don’t know how I would continue to afford the energy costs if I didn’t have everything set up in such a way. We also have a backup geothermal heat pump just in case we ever experience any issues with our radiant heated floors. The geothermal heat pump also runs off the solar panel system, so we never have to worry about freezing in the winter months or even being uncomfortable in the summer. We truly have a remarkable set up.
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