Made Friends at HVAC Trade School

When I first went to a trade university, I really didn’t know what to expect! I was pretty intimidated by the whole idea of trying to become a Heating and A/C serviceman.

The trade university I looked into however boasted about a 95 percent success rate with their students.

They said that a majority of the students make it, although there are always some who just can’t take on everything when it comes to studying about the ins and outs of Heating and A/C equipment. I hoped that I would be 1 of those who made it. When I got started, I had very good classmates and the Heating and A/C instructors were great. They were genuinely kind and knowledgeable and didn’t give you a tough time about what you didn’t know. They even were nice to people who didn’t realize you’re supposed to change the air filters regularly on your Heating and A/C system. There was 1 girl who literally didn’t know what air filters were. I really didn’t think that girl was going to make it. I see what they mean when they say not all people are meant for the Heating and A/C industry. But a majority of us ended up working as hard as we could and received our Heating and A/C certifications. It was a happy day for all of us!. We all agreed to hang out every now and then and remain friends. Some of us even now work at the same Heating and A/C corporation which is pretty cool. I would say that eventually I want to start up my own Heating and A/C corporation. It would be cool if down the road some of my original Heating and A/C classmates wanted to join me in starting our own Heating and A/C corporation!
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