My animals are sick

My mom lives on a little horse farm, however she’s had the small property for about 3 years now, & there have consistently been chaotic events following her weekly activities; If you didn’t know, horses are seriously accident prone, however my mom never knows if she’s going to walk out to a normal morning or a surprisingly disturbing morning when she wakes up in the morning.

  • Will there be an mangled horse on the farm? Will the cat run off chasing a wild pet? Will strangers trespass on the property to pet the horses? She never knows.

It’s best to be prepared in every way, that’s why, I’m buying her a mini cut ductless heating & cooling plan for her barn for Christmas this year. I came up with the heating & cooling plan after a recognizably frigid morning outside. The other morning, there was a large worried when my mom found a horse stuck in his stall, perspiring & panicking in the frigid Winter time air. The awful horse couldn’t sit up & he was drenched with perspiration, but after minutes of struggling in the cold hot & cold temperatures, he finally got up! Once he was up on his feet, there was a whole new problem; his frigid & wet body in the 0 degree hot & cold temperatures. Then, the people I was with and I spent minutes drying him & cold our butts off, all the while. The entire ordeal was absurdly cold, uncomfortable, & traumatic. Immediately afterwards, I went & bought a mini cut ductless heating & cooling plan online, next time there’s an emergency on the farm, at least we’ll all have available heat & indoor comfort.


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