My car air conditioner broke after we went to the beach

Even though it was unexpected, I was able to get it done.

My sister and I went to the beach last weekend and it was such a beautiful day. We went early and looked for shark teeth. Then we practiced meditation and did a little bit of yoga. The day was honestly perfect until we left the beach. It was blazing hot and we had an hour drive home when our air conditioner stopped working. I knew it was set to be a record high temperature week, so I figured I’d get the air conditioner looked at right away so that I didn’t need to suffer deeply. We stopped at a local mechanic shop where luckily one of the technicians was free to do an inspection. Turns out that my condenser had shot the bucket, so I had to get that replaced. He also recommended me replacing my air filters because they were pretty filthy. I wasn’t prepared to make the expense on it all, but having a working air conditioner in that heat is simply non-negotiable. Once the air conditioner was up and running again, we started our drive back home. I remember driving and being so thankful that I was able to afford to get the air conditioner fixed in the first place. Even though it was unexpected, I was able to get it done. I think little victories like that are really important to celebrate when you are entering adulthood. I’m glad that my sister was there to experience it with me. We have such a great relationship, and moments like that just make it even better.

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