My dog hates our air conditioner

We recently moved into a new apartment on the opposite side of town.

It’s a lot smaller than where we were living before, but I took a major pay cut at work.

We had to do what was feasible. There are a few things that we’re having to get used to in this older place. One thing that’s been pretty apparent is that we’ll have to contact our maintenance staff about the air conditioner. Our dog gets absolutely terrified every time the air conditioner turns on and off because it rumbles as if it’s going to fall through the ceiling. It’s a central air conditioner which is nice, but I think the building is so old that the walls and ceilings can barely withstand the weight of the ducts. Each time the air conditioner rumbles on and off, our dog shoots up in the air and runs across the room. We’ve started turning off the air conditioner at night and sleeping with the windows open because he was waking us up at all hours. We thought he would get used to the sound of the air conditioner, but it doesn’t look like much is changing about it. I’m planning to reach out to the front desk to see if they can send someone for an air conditioning repair, or at least an inspection to figure out why all of that noise happens. The noise doesn’t bother us as often, but I feel bad that my dog is basically living in fear. That’s simply no way to live, especially for an animal!



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