My fiance forgets to change the air filter sometimes

My fiance plus I split our household responsibilities.

We swap chores once in a while so we don’t get bored with something.

It’s important for us to have a clean plus well organized home, and we enjoy that sense of accomplishment we get when we’ve completed all our chores plus projects around the house. The two of us have a friendly competition on who completes their daily plus weekly chores first. It goes back and forth each week, but there is regularly something riding on it even if it is just who makes who’s preferred lunch. It’s a much better way than all the yelling and guilt that I see in other households from other friends of mine. A task that has been my fiance’s from the start is all the HVAC stuff. She takes care of making the HVAC service appointments. It’s a big deal to hire someone a couple times a year so the professional HVAC people can keep our heat and air unit running efficiently. However, the other chore of the HVAC category is something that she still struggles with and that’s making sure the HVAC air filter is replaced. The two of us know how important it is to not have a dirty plus jammed HVAC air filter. This is how the HVAC unit breathes. It’s vital to have a new air filter in there often. She’s finally gotten a method of phone plus computer alerts that will not let her forget to replace the air filters anymore. She regularly hated losing the weekly chore race because she forgot to change our HVAC air filter.


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