My friend invented air conditioned beach tents

I live in a small beach town.

I’ve been here for a few years after living up North my entire life. I needed a change in scenery after a break up, and what better way to do that than completely switch up your environment! I’ve made some really great friends here along the way. One of my friends is an engineer and figured out how to make an air conditioned tent for the beach. Some of our friends were completely against the idea of an air conditioner in a tent because it takes away from the beach experience. But they are also the same friends cranking the air conditioner the second they get into the car after we leave the beach. I’m pretty sure my friend’s uncle works in the air conditioning and heating business, so he must have gotten some help putting this tent together. The best part about it is that we’re able to experience the air conditioning without missing the sun rays. Plus, he used a specific type of tent material so that the air conditioner wouldn’t overheat. We’ve all been encouraging him to find a trendy name for an air conditioned tent so that he can pitch the idea to some local businessmen. I think plenty of wealthy beach goers would be interested in funding an air conditioned tent proposal. I’m really proud of my friend. I’m happy about all of the friends I’ve made since being here to be honest. It’s been really enriching, and this definitely feels like my home. I feel my absolute best here.


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