My girlfriend has an impressive ductless mini split in her apartment

I think it was beneficial for me to take a break from being in a relationship for a few years.

  • I was going from one bad relationship to the next and not learning about what sort of people I was attracting and the sort of people that would make me happy by contrast.

Now I’m in the first seriously healthy relationship of my life and I partially credit the time I spent being single in my late 20s for leveling me out and making me ready for a better romantic connection than before. While I stop myself from getting too far ahead of myself, I would like to think that this is a person I would marry if things continue going in the same direction with constant love and affection. I think we need to be tested with a little adversity before going too far forward, but we’re making strides as I spend more time with her at her apartment. One superficial thing that makes it easier for me to be at her apartment is her amazing heating and cooling system. Instead of using an old window air conditioner like I have in my apartment, she has an impressive ductless mini split in her apartment. Her landlord installed them when he renovated the building where she’s living. Every unit has a ductless mini split inside that is capable of both heating and cooling functions. I would love a ductless mini split, but it would have to be approved by whomever is responsible for zoning in the area where I live. If they’re not allowed because of zoning purposes, it doesn’t matter if my landlord is willing to install them or not.

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