My husband and I just bought our first house.

We may be a little bit late to the game but we wanted to not just spend our money on any house, we wanted to spend our money on the perfect house! After over a year of trying to find a house that met our specific needs, we finally found a house that was modern enough but where we could make a few changes to customize to what we really like.

One of the main things that we were really focused on was how new the house was and how new the heating and cooling system was.

We didn’t want to move in a home where we would have to replace the heating cooling system within the next few years. We wanted a new heating and cooling system that would come with the final price of the home. Unfortunately we ran into a debacle because we wanted this one house, it had everything that we wanted except for a newer heating and cooling system. We asked the home owner if they could install a new heating and cooling system for us. The homeowners agreed because they knew how much we liked the house and liked the fact that we would be buying the house. Not to mention they wanted to move out as soon as possible since they were having a new house built and needed to leave. We were very thankful to get a new heating and cooling system out of purchasing our new home. Since we are moved in, our extended family wants to experience our new home and new heating and cooling system so we have suggested hosting easter dinner at our house.


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