My mother used to take care of me, and now my wife does all the same things

My mother always knew what to do when I would get hurt.

I remember a bunch of times when she would adjust the temperature control settings so I could be comfortable and relax in the house.

If it was more serious I would have to go to the hospital, but that didn’t happen very often. I also never enjoyed going to the hospital because they always cranked their A/C a little too much. I always enjoyed the air conditioning, but I didn’t want to feel like I was resting in the Arctic. In my room there was an HVAC vent and the cool air would flow over me so I could recover from whatever injury or sickness I was dealing with. It also helped that my mother would bring in a humidifier from time to time, to help me breathe easier when I was sick. I have learned a lot from my mother over the years, even how to cook certain specialty dishes which everybody in my family loves. If you think you’ve tried good food, you haven’t until you’ve tried my lasagna. Anyway, these days when I’m feeling sick or I get hurt, my wife has picked up the slack where things left off with my mother. I guess you could call me a big baby, but she does take great care of me. I don’t know why but when I get a cold or some kind of sickness, the sickness comes on strong. I will be totally miserable but she keeps the temperature control settings just right and she also brings in a humidifier so I can breathe easier. It’s that same old routine, chicken noodle soup, good rest, and perfect temperature control.



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