My new technician messed up our heater installation

I moved into a new house by myself recently.

  • I had so much work to do when I moved in since it was a bit of an older home.

I was fine with that. I’ve been working with so many people to help get the house looking and running the way I’d like it too. It’s been quite a journey! I have been working with an air conditioning and heating company to upgrade the system since it was pretty old. I decided to install a brand new air conditioning and heating system rather than replacing smaller parts. I researched multiple heating companies before settling on one, but even that research failed me in the end. The technician that showed up to do the heater installation was really unprofessional and completely wreaked of cigarettes. The heater installation took a lot longer than I feel like it should have because he took a cigarette break for what seemed like every ten minutes. The day after the installation was pretty cold, so I had to use the heater. The heater worked for a few minutes, and then I heard a loud noise before it completely shut down. I called the heating company and they sent someone else out the following day. That technician said that whoever came before must have been drunk because they wired the heater completely incorrectly. This was incredibly inconvenient for me to deal with. I don’t want to say the company as a whole is bad since it seems to just be that one person, but I wish I went with another option.

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