My partner created an art studio for me during my trip

My sibling had been on the PC for the past more than two weeks convincing me to go visit her; but, I always had an excuse on why it wasn’t the right time to go see her! Finally, she changed tactics plus began planning with our wife how to get me to go visit her.

Eventually, I ran out of excuses and left to fly to her city.

We ended up having a blast, plus she scolded me for avoiding the trip for so long; then meanwhile, I wasn’t aware our wife had plans to build me an art studio at the back of our home… She managed to have the structure set up, moved all our artwork, plus even installed a mini-split AC. She knew it wasn’t possible to paint in an area with an unbelievable air cooler, however the studio was done by the time I was back from our trip, plus the air cooler was all set. She covered our eyes when the people I was with and I got back to the beach home and, together with the kids, walked me to the backyard, but I heard a door open and felt the lovely cool air from an air cooler… Only then did she open our eyes to reveal an art studio fully fitted with everything I needed, including a mini-split AC. I was so happy with this gift that I couldn’t stop crying. She had always been supportive of our art, plus ever since I lost our task, she encouraged me to paint even more. This studio was the perfect locale to have the creativity flowing, plus the mini-split A/C was an excellent addition.



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