My sister has a maintenance agreement plan with her HVAC provider

During the holidays I always go to my sister’s house.

I like to show up at least 3 days before the rest of our family shows up.

I like to do this because I love spending time with my sister and her children. I also like to help her and get everything ready for our family Christmas dinner. Her husband is overseas so I like to be her stable point during the holidays. It is a little rough for her sometimes since her husband has been gone for almost a year. He has 3 more months to go and then he’ll be home for good. She can’t wait until next year where she can spend Christmas with him. When I go over her house a few days before every Christmas she will always have her HVAC technician come to her home. I asked her why he always comes around the same time. She said that her and her husband bought a maintenance service plan with their HVAC provider. This ensures that her HVAC system would continue to be work efficiently and that it would be safe for their family while her husband was away. I asked her what the maintenance plan was and she told me that it was a program that provides regular seasonal upkeep. It is a twice annual system check up. That explained why before every Christmas I would see her HVAC technician. She said that she loves her maintenance plan and that there is less stress when it comes to maintaining her system during the winter.


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