My Sister Zoe is the Only Female Heating and A/C Worker I Know

My sister Zoe is the only female heating and A/C worker that I know.

I guess there just aren’t a lot of females out there laboring in the heating and A/C industry.

It’s a male dominated world, but there are more and more females entering the heating and A/C world as time goes on. And whenever my sister Zoe told us that she was thinking about going to a technical university to get her heating and A/C certification, we were all entirely surprised about it. My dad undoubtedly even laughed when she first started to talk about it. But of course, once Zoe got going in the classes, my dad started to be more supportive of my sister. I guess that he just laughed at the start because Zoe was never the kind of girl who wanted to get her hands dirty when we were growing up, as she would never even put a worm on a fishing pole when we were kids. So, I guess my dad never entirely thought that she would be able to make it in the toil of the heating and cooling industry. She never gave up on it, though, and also she was at the top of her class whenever she finally got her heating and A/C certification. However, now, my sister has been working at the same local heating and cooling corporation for the past couple of years and she just loves her work there. I guess that she is actually one of the best heating and A/C workers in the entire locale. Even though we all doubted her at first, she has proven us wrong. She is an entirely good heating and A/C worker.

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