My space heaters are a lot more efficient than my fan forced electric furnace

Energy efficiency is extremely important to me now that inflation levels have increased the costs of all my necessary goods and services.

Going grocery shopping is a painful experience nowadays, but I do my best to utilize coupons and sales to my fullest advantage.

I hope that inflation levels out at some point in the near future, as I’m continually struggling to make ends meet anymore. No matter how rigorous I get with my budgeting, the cost of something inevitably increases again and then I’m left wondering if I’ll ever break even. With that in mind, I’m always looking for ways to save on energy costs because the value of that has increased as well. My parents were extremely strict about opening exterior doors during the daytime hours, and now I understand why. In the summer, the temperatures outside get so hot that opening the front or back door will let out a lot of cold, conditioned air. They would complain if a friend showed up to play and I stood in the open doorway talking to them for longer than a few seconds. But these days I struggle even more to heat the inside of my home than I do on cooling costs in the summer. For a long time I was spending so much on indoor heating simply because I have an extremely inefficient heating system installed inside. It’s a fan-forced electric furnace and it’s not even as powerful or efficient as my new radiant space heaters. And since the space heaters can be moved from room to room, there’s no reason to keep the old fan forced heater any longer.


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