My Wife Lives in my House Now and Things are Different

Whenever my wife and I first met online a year ago, we never actually talked much about the temperature of the locales that we were both from.

It just never really came up for some reason.

The two of us were both so in appreciation as well as infatuated with each other at that point that the last thing that we wanted to talk about was the weather! The two of us didn’t very well know all that much about the temperature or the weather where each of us was from, and so when she moved here to live with me it was a bit of a surprise for her. She totally wanted to come here to live at first. She said that since I own my own house and she was just renting, it made more sense for her to come and move in with me. I agreed with that and then we got married and finally moved in together. Well, everything was wonderful at first because it was the summertime here. However, as soon as the weather started cooling off in the fall, my wife seemed to be shocked by it. She moved here from an island where it is hot literally year round. The poor girl didn’t know how to deal with the cold and she did not even own a winter coat or a jacket. When we had to turn on the heating unit in the house, she thought that it was amazing. She had no idea what a gas furnace even was because they never had to use one where she came from. She still doesn’t appreciate the cold, but I guess that she is finally getting used to it. She turns the new smart thermostat up higher than I would like, but I just deal with it.


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