New heating technology can help families across the world

I’ve always been fascinated with the way that technology can help people across the world.

People in third world countries have access to things developed on the other side of the planet, and lives are changing and being saved every single day as a result. I’ve recently discovered new heating technology that I believe will be really revolutionary for the homeless shelters that I help run. The people that come in during the winter are mainly looking for a place with a good running heater to escape from the cold. I just found that you can install radiant floor heating into the warehouses that we use for the shelters. I also found that smart thermostats would be great to use so that we can program the temperatures ahead of time and not worry about it throughout the night. THe heating systems that we have in the shelters now are pretty old and outdated. The heater doesn’t always provide sufficient energy to sustain throughout the night, especially when it’s really cold. Installing the radiant floor heating would be great so that when we have an overflow and don’t have enough beds, the people who end up in sleeping backs can feel direct heat without feeling like they will burn. I’m getting in contact with some heating companies and reaching out to our investors to see if we can get funding for this project. It will be a lot of money, and I’m not sure if we will be able to fund everything at once. If we can make one change, I think that would make a world of a difference for the shelter.

New heating

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