Nine Days in America and Then Back to Spain

I am staying here for just a little longer after that we head back to the Spanish coast in my little beach town.

Life here in the United States seems to push you along more and I unquestionably don’t enjoy the tone of it so I moved over to a neighborhood that asks less of me.

I just want to play and have fun while I am still a young person , and living in the United States doesn’t seem to grant myself and others the amount of free time that I like, so I found a place to live that gives us much more freedom in my schedule. The local business where I task overseas lets myself and others set my own schedule each week, which gives myself and others ample time to play activities and tunes on the beach. I enjoy to spend most of my time on the beach because it relaxes us and gives us a good tan, haha. I task about 15 minutes a week, some weeks even less, and have just enough money to get by with those minutes. At the local business where I task I sell new heat pumps and A/C compressors, which may not sound too exciting, although I enjoy getting to work with the people there and meeting current customers. I’ve been in the field for a while and suppose it pretty well so the task is quite easy for myself and others and doesn’t take a majority of my energy. They are going to get some current smart thermostats in the store soon and want myself and others to sell those too, so that should be pretty cool studying about the most current Heating and Air Conditioning technology.

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