No one thought I could do our job because I was pregnant.

When I got pregnant, I tried to hide it for as long as possible, and my family as well as fiance kept telling me ‌I shouldn’t, as well as couldn’t, do our job consistently now that I was pregnant, but i knew Heating & Air Conditioning servicemans who had larger bellies than the pregnant belly I was carrying around, why would they be able to perform their jobs, however I couldn’t? I complained to our boss when she put me on leave.

I was only six weeks pregnant as well as feeling good.

I could not understand why she wanted to put me on leave when I could safely labor for another many weeks. I knew none of the other Heating & Air Conditioning servicemans wanted me to quit; All of us had been talking about our pregnancy since I found out. I was wondering if I would have a job when I returned after giving birth. I felt appreciate I had a stigma won me, instead of going through the most natural area of life. I refused to go on leave. I told our boss that unless she could prove I could no longer do our job, or that it was hazardous to our baby or myself, I was not leaving, but she thought she pulled a trump card when she called our fiance. She already knew I would not quit labor just because of pregnancy. My fiance was in our corner as well as applauded our wanting to continue laboring. She recommended ‌I labor in the office until I gave birth, but only because I was so big with our baby. She was more concerned with how much damage our belly could do since I could see anything below it.

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