Now we can’t turn off the heat

My boyfriend as well as I talked about getting a puppy for the house for months as well as months.

  • Every one of us went to the shelter every single Saturday for the past numerous weeks.

Every one of us finally felt that we found the perfect pooch to add to our family. The little guy is a super adorable mixed breed… He is 5 years old as well as mostly resembles a small Lab. His name is Lenny which I find to be terribly funny. My boyfriend as well as I brought Lenny home on Saturday. Every one of us spent most of the day getting to play with the little guy. Every one of us purchased him a small bed in the living room as well as a few toys like balls, stuffed pets, as well as ropes, then on Sunday, all of us spent most of the sunny day taking the puppy out for a walk. I knew that potty training would be super difficult, however I thought a 3-year-old pet would not have a lot of accidents in the house… That day, I was getting ready for work. I normally turn off the heating system in the house, before I leave for the office. As soon as I reached for the central temperature control, I thought about Lenny. I didn’t want to leave him alone all day separate from any warm heat, so I decided to let the furnace run. I knew the indoor heat would be good for him as well as I hoped it would comfort the little guy. Now, we can’t turn off the heater no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Our little guy is too spoiled with central heat, and we have to pay out the nose for furnace operation every day.


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