Ollie was just being really nosy about the AC truck

Ollie is a friend as well as someone that I know.

When I move to this place, Ollie was the only person that I really knew.

Ollie was getting a job for me and the area and I thought it was really nice for him to do that. Ollie was a great guy that I knew was nice as well as quiet. Various people were passing by on the day that I moved in but only a couple of people actually wanted to say hello. My friend was asking if we needed some type of helping hand and this was a single guy living real close to me. He wanted an adorable Labrador Retriever and we had our knees there to pet the dog which seemed incredibly friendly. We immediately had a conversation about this Labrador and I mentioned the fact that my sister had a German shepherd. The two of us received a call from Ollie one day. Ollie was trying to find out if there was a problem with my AC unit. He was probably worried about my vintage toy vehicle collection but I told Ollie not to worry because it was just a routine system check out. Every one of us weren’t really having too many problems but it was absolutely necessary that we had a tune-up before the winter. Ollie was totally being nosy when he wanted to find out about the AC repair truck but I really didn’t mind because after all the guy was being my friend and wanted to make sure things were fine.

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