On the web looking at HVAC contractors websites

I have a thing with appearance.

I don’t stress about the appearance of people and what they look like.

I feel like that would be a very shallow opinion of to judge based on what a person may look like. It’s better to look at the inside of a person than the outside. However when it comes to companies I think it’s very important that businesses are aware of their appearance. My first impression of a business was an interview that I went on, it was a bad impression. When I walked into the office it immediately smelled like cigarette smoke not to mention the people were very unprofessional. When it comes to a business and their online appearance I think that it’s very important. A businesses should have a website that goes along with their professionalism and values in their company. This should all be laid out in a very clean layout and easy to navigate website. The other day I was looking for a HVAC company to inspect my system for the winter. I went on one HVAC website and it was terrible the pictures were not of high quality and I couldn’t even find a phone number to contact them. I figure that is a sign that they weren’t very professional. I went on another HVAC website and it was very easy to find the phone number and the services seemed very professional and of high quality. It’s important that when you’re hiring a contractor to come and look at an HVAC system that they great services and a great online appearance.


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