Preparing your home for the winter even though there’s no snow

Even though this year the winter has been very mild, it is still so important to stay prepared for the winter.

I haven’t seen a lot of people in stores stock up with salt bags, sand bags and even snow blowers.

I find it very odd that it’s the middle of December and the Northeast still has not seen snow. I’m rather confused and I feel like global warming does have a part in this. However I do think that our earth goes through cyclical climate changes. Just like the ice age that occurred millions of years ago, the earth eventually warmed up. Maybe our earth is starting to push away from the winter season and go towards more mild cold weather. Just because I haven’t seen snow yet does not mean I’m not preparing for what is yet to come. I have bought some salt bags and I have bought pellets for my pellet stove. I also made an appointment with my HVAC technician. I also like to make sure that I am stocked up on air filters so when I run out I don’t have to go to the store and get them. Not to mention I also like to clear the furnace area so there is easy access for my HVAC technician. I do this because my furnace is located in my basement and I store a lot of my items that I don’t use down there. My technician is very thankful for having a client like me because I am very conscious of the efficiency and functionality of my HVAC system.

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