Road trip and the HVAC(heating and cooling) unit in the hotel room.

My uncle Chase is my biggest role model. After my dad died of cancer a few years ago, uncle Chase would drive over 100 miles to take my younger brother Chris and I camping up in the mountains which were about 5 hours from our house. I loved camping with uncle Chase, he told the best stories and knew how to forage for food and taught us how to start a campfire using the elements around us. But the best parts of the road trips for me personally were the fancy hotel we would always stay in on our way to and back from the campsite. He said his job basically paid for the room so why not use them? Uncle Chase didn’t care much for the hotels but he knew that Chris and I loved jumping off the diving board and getting massaged by the jets in the huge jacuzzi. I remember him sitting by the pool with a bag full of snacks as we played. When we’re done he’d wrap us in these big beach towels and we’d race through the freezing hallways into the elevator. This hotels’ air conditioning had to be the best air conditioning I’d ever felt. They were so quiet compared to the air conditioning we had back at home which sounded like a tiny motorcycle. I even enjoyed the purple lighting on the air conditioners interface. It came with a remote and uncle Chase let me be in charge of the room temperature. Till this day I couldn’t tell you if I appreciated the campfire or the hotel room’s air conditioner better.



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