Scheduling a consultation with an HVAC provider

I am a very organized person.

  • I always have my planner with me whether I’m at work or I’m at home.

I like to make sure that each day I complete a task and I don’t forget that I have to do something else. Before I had a planner I would always forget what I had to do. I’m a very busy person with 3 kids and a full time job. My kids are involved in sports, school clubs, and in band at their school. I would have to make sure that I don’t forget concerts or their practices. That’s when my planner comes in handy, because I will write down important dates. I remember one time when I scheduled a consultation with my HVAC provider to check to see how much it would be to add an air humidifier to my HVAC system. I forgot that I had a consultation appointment with him and I went to my child’s baseball practice instead. Needless to say this was before I wrote everything down in my planner. I recently just contacted my HVAC provider for him to maintenance my system before the winter comes. This time I did not forget that I had an appointment with him, I made sure to write down the date in my planner. I am very glad that I’m able to get more organized through something small such as a planner. It has allowed me to organize my busy life. Not to mention my HVAC provider likes me a lot more now that I haven’t missed any more appointments.

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