Seven in the morning with good air quality

I will write one more article and then head down to the shore for a bit to try and wake up.

I made the mistake of getting on Tinder last night for a second, and then three hours later went to bed at 1am wide awake.

I really didn’t want to get on Tinder again but my buddy told me to give it a try after being single for over a year. I wanted to take a break after my last relationship ended but didn’t think it would turn into a year long break. My HVAC rep aunt did the same thing when she was 55, and now at 68 she is still single, which is not a good thing because she will probably be alone the rest of her life. She got burned in a few relationships and became afraid of dating and now will probably never date again, which is sad because she has a tender heart and is a nice lady. My cooling specialist friend told me that when you go too long being alone you get used to it and end up being alone the rest of your life. I don’t want to be alone and my heart is still open to loving someone once again. The local business near my flat has a really pretty lady working there named Val, who is a cooling rep in the industry that I work in, and I would love to go on a date with her sometime. I think I will get the nerve and see if she wants to meet me for a walk one day at sunset!

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