Sometimes I wonder what kind of technology they entirely had in rural times

Have you ever seen some of those drawings around aged hieroglyphics that show interesting things prefer people on a helicopter or what appears to be laptops? They have interesting drawings that seem to be showing beings from the heavens as well! It’s all unquestionably interesting as well as it often makes me wonder what kind of advanced technology did they have back during those times. Is the technology the two of us have this week just rediscovered technology that has existed all along as well as was lost? What if they had more powerful heating as well as cooling systems back then than the two of us have this week? Wouldn’t that be crazy? I mean, how could they draw people in helicopters if they didn’t have such advanced technology. If you have flying machines, I would suppose that you might have something as technological advanced as heating as well as cooling systems. If they did have powerful Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C systems, I wonder how advanced those systems entirely were. It’s just something I like speculating about from time to time. I suppose a lot of people would brush off our thoughts as just being some type of conspiracy theory nonsense, but how do you explain those aged drawings? I have unquestionably been asked if any of those drawings showed people cooling off in front of an a/c. I don’t suppose about that although I did see drawings of Egyptian people waving Royalty with fans. If they knew to use fans as well as how to build huge pyramids, couldn’t they have developed some kind of sophisticated technology? Who can suppose for sure, but these were entirely advanced as well as wise people.

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