Staying put but still getting my sunroom thanks to modern HVAC

The thought of moving away from them now is different.

For years, it had been mine and my husband’s dream to retire down south. This was something which was just sort of a foregone conclusion for like the past 10 years or so. We wanted to get out of a winter that needed a gas furnace to keep us warm in the winter. The older we got, the less we enjoyed winter. Sure, having a white Christmas is awesome and watching our little grandkids play in the snow is wonderful. However, the heating bills from the gas furnace along with the length of the winter were wearing on us. So we continued to push forward with the idea that we would move south in order to trade that gas furnace for a heat pump. I thought dealing with all the HVAC cooling in the summer was better than dealing with all the cold of winter. But then, my husband unexpectedly passed away about 2 years before we retired. This changed everything for me. I upgraded the HVAC equipment on our home and sold it. I bought a small 2 bedroom home for me and the dog. This transition has been tough but made much easier being surrounded by friends and family. The thought of moving away from them now is different. Yet, I still wanted to live outside during the winter so I had a sunroom put on my new place. And the ductless heat pump in the sunroom makes it so I can enjoy being sort of outside all winter thanks to great HVAC technology. Who knows, perhaps I’ll feel differently in the future but right now, I’m not ready to trade the gas furnace for the heat pump on my own.

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