Talk about a hypothetical road trip plus the Heating in addition to A/C(heating plus cooling) component in the hotel room.

My Uncle Bobby is my biggest role model.

After my dad died a few years ago, Uncle Bobby would drive a couple states over to pick me and my brother up and take us camping.

Camping with Uncle Bobby was really an experience because he told awesome stories, taught us how to forage for food, and taught us how to build a campfire, among other things. It’s kind of funny, but my favorite part of the trip was actually the very nice hotel that we would stay in during the ride over to the campsite and back again. Our uncle explained that his job had paid for the hotel, so why not use it? Uncle Bob was a rustic fellow who did not appreciate the hotel as much as me and my brother, but he knew that we really enjoyed the big swimming pool and jacuzzi. I remember him just chilling with some snacks by the pool while we played. When we were finished, he’d wrap us up in big beach towels and we’d run back to the hotel lobby into the elevators in the freezing air conditioner. To this day, that hotel’s air conditioner was the coolest I’ve ever felt. Despite this, the hotel air conditioner was so quiet, unlike the one at home that sounded like a motorcycle. I remember Uncle Bobby giving me this neat little remote control that controlled the air conditioner, and he allowed me to change the temperature for us. I honestly can’t quite tell you whether or not I enjoyed the luxury hotel or the camping itself more.



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