Talk about the fall season plus how it’s crucial to have your gas furnace diagnosed before the winter.

I was born in the fall, and I’ve always enjoyed the season.

Growing up in the north, autumn is the best time of year, because it is usually too hot in the summer time to be comfortable.

Also, in the fall, it’s time to pull out the hoodies and the blazers, so my wardrobe gets an upgrade. I’d like to think I have a great sense of fashion, and it really shines in the fall season. The leaves are starting to change into their autumnal hues and everybody’s going crazy for pumpkin spice flavored everything. Last year, I was particularly grateful for my Uncle Tom coming over to service our furnace right before the winter chill came. He would change the filters and do all the necessary maintenance for free, which we really appreciated. Usually, my dad would have changed the filters only once a year, against his brother’s suggestion. I remember him being down in the basement and asking me if I smelled anything weird. My uncle was very thorough and he would have me unscrew the vents and clean them off with a toothbrush, which was difficult, but I was very grateful for his help in keeping our heater functioning well. Thanks to his efforts, we never got stuck with a furnace that wouldn’t work. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have the heat when we needed it most in the winter. Through the process of helping my uncle maintain the heater as a kid, I learned to be prepared for the various challenges of life.


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