Talk about trying to do a heating repair plus not having success.

I do enjoy living in my town, but sometimes it can be a little annoying.

  • There’s a lot of activities to do outside of work, but it can be difficult to get to various places, because of public transportation and overcrowding.

For example, I recently had my hands full of grocery bags patiently waiting at the bus stop. When the bus finally arrived after a long while, I could barely get in because of all the people. Then I got home and realized that my heater was barely putting out enough heat to keep my house comfortable. Straightaway, I contacted my public housing complex office and they said that they were well aware of the malfunction and would soon send out someone to repair it. When the HVAC personnel finally arrived, I was really hoping that they would have everything fixed as quickly as possible. As the HVAC technicians drove away, I turned on the faucet to see if I was getting hot water, but I still wasn’t!. I really wanted to call the office back, but I knew it was too late in the evening. I relented and decided to boil some water for a bath before I went to bed. In the morning, I didn’t even see the HVAC van pull up outside. When I called the housing office, I was told that it may very well take a few days until repairs are finished. I demanded that they should at least make accommodations for the tenants until such time as the repairs are finished. They provided me with a voucher to stay at a motel in the meantime.


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