Talk about why you’d want a smart thermostat ( a thermostat that connects to wireless plus can be controlled with your smartphone from anywhere).

My job requires me to move around a lot within the United States, and even internationally.

I really enjoy this aspect of my job, because I get to see so many different places and cultures and eat so many different cuisines.

Believe it or not, I can’t remember the last time I was home for more than two weeks. Unfortunately, I had to give my dog and fish a new home, because they weren’t getting the attention they deserved. Animals deserve to be taken care of, and even fish enjoy the stimulation of a human companion. I started to feel terrible when I realized my pets were not getting the attention they needed. At least I found ways to keep them comfortable because of the advancements in technology, particularly, my smart thermostat. I love coming home after a long work trip to a superbly cooled space. Shortly after arriving at the airport, I pull up the app on my smartphone and set the temperature for when I arrive home. This is really handy, especially because I live in the South. My smart thermostat also has a motion sensor that displays the current temperature and time whenever I walk by the control panel. One of my favorite things is that just after I wake up and I’m lying in bed, I can grab my smartphone to warm up the house a little bit in order to help me wake up. You know how a chilly house can make you want to stay in your nice, warm bed!

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