The best part about knowing someone whos a repairman

Normally knowing someone who knows something you don’t is useful.

Learning is how we know everything we do since we were born after all.

We have good days and some days present us with adversity, so we need to be ready or have a helping hand sometimes. I have a great friend who turned out to be my neighbor. He’s quite the handyman, and he showed me how to fix many utilities in my house. My air conditioner, heater, solar panel system and other things have all had to have work done. Ted, my neighbor, has helped me every step of the way. Ted used to be a service technician for a large HVAC company. He said he’s had to fix his a few times and he refused to pay someone else to do what he did for a living.The hot and cold was fine for us, we embraced the winters with ice fishing and summers with hikes and swimming. We loved the outdoors and getting hot and sweaty. Coming back and chilling by the cold water and cool air conditioner was awesome. We watched movies, cooked, talked and played cards while we got all cooled off in the cabin. We loved the summer and the summer loved us. Ted came for every trip and over the years he has bailed me out on many problems with my house, but I’ve bailed Ted out too. When Ted’s heater broke I ran over with tools to help him because his brother was using them to fix his pool pump. All in all, having a handyman as a friend is great and when you have to do things like repair an air conditioner, it’s very convenient.


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