The early autumn is easily my favorite time of the year

When I started painting in middle school, I was fascinated by all of these colors I found in my mother’s acrylic paint collection.

I wasn’t very good at first, but I evolved in my abilities through persistence and by going to courses at the local community center. Before long, I was on my way to drawing portraits and painting landscapes. My pursuits in art never evolved to the point where I seriously considered pursuing it as a full-time job, but it was always a fruitful and fulfilling hobby that follows me wherever I go. While there might be money in painting portraits on the fly at art shows and the like, I actually enjoy painting landscapes more. You can always paint from photographs, but I like going the old school route and taking canvas or sketch paper with me to the location of the scene that I will be painting. Since I live in the north, our leaves change every autumn and look absolutely spectacular from the naked eye. Not only is autumn the best time to go hiking in this region, it’s also my favorite time to paint landscapes with the amber hues in full view. I love depicting various scenes with an autumn backdrop. Some of my favorite creations are scenes during the autumn season. And when I’m at home, I’m comfortable because I can go for weeks without needing my heating or cooling system. Usually the weather is far too cold for an air conditioner, while not being cold enough yet for a heating system. I love autumn for a multitude of reasons, but you can’t beat better energy costs across the board.


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