The Fourth of July is Always Hot But That Was Ridiculous

Last fourth of July the people I was with and I had quite an odd occurrence at our aunt’s home while the people I was with and I were all gathered there for the holiday festivities.

Both of us had the whole family come this year, and many of us had come in from out of state for the holiday, but everything was a lot of fun until the home all of an abrupt got easily sizzling and stuffy! At first, my family members and I assumed it was from having the oven on the stove cooking all the fantastic goodies for the day. But nope! That was not the case at all. It turns out my aunt, who was kind enough to host us this year, had her temperature control stuck! The heating was doing its job like a fiend and it would not stop! It was making the entire home an inferno. When my aunt and I looked at the temperature control reading, it was raising up to the mid 90’s at a steady pace. At this point, our neighbor who was at our event, gave to transfer the Independence Day lunch to their house, while our parents made an iPhone call to the emergency heating and a/c maintenance call-in line. It was going to be pretty costly getting a certified heating and cooling specialist out on the Fourth, however it was unquestionably much needed. My aunt and uncle, and none of us planning to stay there would be able to live in such an inferno. I even gave my aunt a few bucks to pay for the emergency holiday Heating as well as A/C maintenance service. My aunt was truly grateful because the price of what this was going to cost was unexpected and likely to cost a pretty penny.


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