The Furnace Couldn't Heat Faster

Something I didn’t realize when running my furnace, was that raising the temperature on the thermostat isn’t going to make my furnace run faster.

  • In my mind, I thought that if I raised the temperature by five or six degrees, my furnace would run faster and heat my home quicker.

However, I realized that this wasn’t the case and I found out the hard way. One evening, after a long day at work, I arrived home to a cool house. I was super cold and I wanted to feel warm and cozy. My house was 62 degrees, which felt really cold! In order to get warm fast, I raised the temperature to 70 degrees and waited for my house to warm up quickly. In the process, I ended up creating a lot of issues for my furnace and I was forced to call the HVAC company to come repair things. The HVAC professional who came told me that a furnace couldn’t work faster just because I had raised the temperature. All it would do was work longer in order to heat my home, using a lot of energy and raising my utility bills along the way. When the HVAC professional told me this, I felt really dumb. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing my furnace into the ground by raising the temperature and waiting for it to heat my home faster. The HVAC professional told me that I needed to raise the temperature on my thermostat a few degrees and just be patient. There was no easy or fast way to heat the house quicker.


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