The pollutants in your home

Homeowners don’t find every pollutant, looking around their house.

The shocking truth is the air inside your home can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Keep your family safe and prioritize your health by actively discovering pollutants in your home and removing them, thanks to this helpful advice. You don’t have to be an avid duster to understand dust will coat the floors and walls within your home; Put your family’s health first by dusting furniture and shelves from top to bottom, and wiping down countertops and electronics often. Eliminate the amount of dust in your condo by washing linens and curtains, vacuuming floors, and even your mattress frequently. Does your front door open and close all day long? You’re dealing with dirt. As you and your guests come and go, dirt gets swept through your home, adding to the pollutants living in your space. Vacuuming and sweeping, mopping tiles, and cleaning carpet areas is the easiest way to eliminate dirt on your floor. Consider keeping a shoe rack by that front door to avoid messes being tracked across your floor. Between wet surfaces and food preparation areas, kitchens harvest bacteria and airborne pollutants. Kitchen sponges are a bacteria magnet but nuking it in an inch of water in a microwave for a minute can kill bacteria. Use three tablespoons of bleach in a diluted water concoction to wash down and eliminate bacteria on surfaces. Bathrooms are naturally damp and moist. Mold lurks within your shower or sink. Prevent breathing in this unwanted nuisance by spraying vinegar on surfaces. Air-drying will kill mold spores and eliminate mold growth. Turn on your exhaust fan while showering to properly give ventilation in your bathroom.

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