The silly repairman was scared of the little dog

The two of us were sad that our sibling decided to relocate to a different place.

She was the youngest person in our life and we were worried that she was not capable to care for herself.

We were actually quite wrong and my sister turned out to be the person who was not going to fear for taking these risks. She jumped on new opportunities as well as wanted better pay as well as the opportunity for experience living somewhere else. The two of us visited with her as well as were impressed by her home as well as surroundings. My sister had an attractive dog companion as well as it was thrilling to see that dog. When the two of us arrived near her place, the two of us noticed the dog was up inside of a crate. I thought that it was cruel until the two of us saw the AC repairman arrived. My sister was having troubles with the air conditioner as well as wanted there to be a professional air conditioner repair person to take care of the issues. Unfortunately the silly repairman was scared of dogs as well as insisted that the dog had to be in a crate while the guy was working on problems. My sister followed the advice as well as did what the AC repairman wanted while he was there and he managed to fix up the air conditioner in a very small amount of time considering it was not running at all when he arrived.



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