The very powerful space heater

I don’t know what it is about this portable space heater that I have, but it is really great! And when I say the portable space heater is really great, I mean it really heats up more of an area than it is supposed to! I only paid 75 bucks and some change for this portable space heater.

It was actually on sale at the local hardware store.

I figured because the portable space heater was so cheap that I would buy it. I was trying to cut down on the use of my central heating and air conditioning system anyhow. So it was a good thing I came across this portable space heater for a cheap price so I could try it out and save money on my monthly electric bill. But wow! I did not expect this portable space heater to be able to heat my entire living room! I was thinking that the portable space heater may only heat a certain amount of space around where I had it plugged in. But no, the portable space heater actually heated up the whole entire living room! I don’t know how this was even possible, or if maybe they gave me a more expensive portable space heater by mistake. But whatever the case was, I was super happy with this portable space heater and how well it was fully working to heat my entire full living room area of my home! If you can find a portable space heater this good, I highly recommend getting one! It will do you a whole lot of good!

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