There are a number of central air purification options for homeowners

Paper filters in several central heating and A/C systems help filter dust from the air; however, they are unable to filter tiny particles that are harmful to your health.

An air purification system add-on installed in your air duct can effectively unlink mold, dust, bacteria, and viruses from the air, and the pollutants could harm everyone in the house; installing a new heating and A/C air purification system benefits you and your family as you will breathe scrubbed clean air.

Those suffering from chronic respiratory problems should consider installing a new heating and A/C air purification system. There are different types of air purification systems that you should consider when shopping for a single. The first type is the media air purification system. This heating and A/C device uses thick and dense filters to trap smaller particles and are installed in the heating and A/C system’s return air air duct. These air purification system units do not use electricity, however the pollutants are filtered when the blower fan is busy running. The other type is the central air purification system with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). This PCO air filter oxidizes organic contaminants such as mold and bacteria using magnetic particles coated with titanium dioxide, however pollutants are destroyed when UV light is shined into the catalytic filter, and carbon dioxide and water are created as a natural by-product. The PCO filter downside is the higher cost of the air purification system and the high energy bill used to run it. The final type is the electronic air purification system (EAC). It has a pre-filter that catches large particles, and the tiny particles get charged with electricity to collector plates with an opposite charge. The electrical charges also destroy bacteria and viruses on contact. Their plates can be washed and air-dried every few weeks, thus reducing replacement expenses. Installing an air purification system will best protect your family members from harmful air contaminants.


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