There were snacks to acquire

Last week, I was going through a flyer I got in the mail. I had been talking to my sister about this frozen food delivery location that our uncle used to consistently order from all the time. When she told me I was talking about Schwan’s, I finally began to wonder if they still delivered in our area? I went online and looked for the old meal delivery service. They had never quit delivering in our area, and their available menu was even greater than I remembered. I couldn’t even believe everything they now sold. I remembered how nice some of their meats were, but I already had meat in my freezer. I didn’t even suppose I wanted to put in an online order until I saw soups. They had several soups, and I was able to order soups online. I was ecstatic when I saw this. My family loved soup, but I worked all damn day and I didn’t have time to do all the prep work that went with making homemade soup. Being easily able to order soups online was going to make my life so much easier. My child first wanted the creamy chicken and dumplings, while my child wanted the creamy tomato basil. I really loved the potato and cheese soup along with the clam chowder. Being able to order soups for us online made me happier than I could remember ever being about putting in a large online order. I looked at the weird soups and put in my order for soups online. I felt distraught about how it was going to be delivered, but it came in a hefty styrofoam box with dry ice in a bag.



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